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Brian Towers

 founder of yorkshire flycasting,


 I have lived and worked in the countryside of the Yorkshire dales all my life, with an interest in all areas of the countryside.

Fishing all areas of the dales since young, I have progressed my love of fishing into a full time profession. now doing Flyfishing demonstrations at country shows around England between guiding on the river Ure in the Yorkshire dales, as well as giving casting lessons .

As a AAPGAI instructor, we go through rigorous assessments in the chosen fishing discipline, our aim as an instructor is to make you an effortless caster, so with the right instruction (and of course practice) you can really enjoy the sport of Flyfishing.

I not only teach you casts but all about Flyfishing as well, how to read the river, flies to use, good tackle and safety and of course different methods for Salmon and Trout fishing.   


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