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 I instruct both single and double handed Flyfishing,

learn to Spey cast with the single hander as well as the double..

Learn all the different casts you need , depending on the wind direction.


The roll cast......this is probably the main cast to learn in Spey casting, as it is the finishing delivery stroke to every Spey cast you ever do. , 

learn to do the traditional double and single Spey casts with either hand at the top of the handle., I can teach you to cast when you are right up against trees and bushes, learn to cast where other people just don't go!


Learn the more modern flycasts, the fabulous snake roll, snap T, circle cast and the little known about , the down stream wind snap cast. I will explain how and when to use these in fishing situations and wind directions.

also how and when or if to mend the line after the cast, all important things if you want to be more successful at Flyfishing. 

Good presentation casts give you a drag free drift at that crucial moment, curve casts, slack line casts,

ariel mends...all useful and great fun to learn.


If you want extra distance on the reservoir, learn to double haul, how and why you would want to cast into the wind?  why do i get those horrible little knots on my leader and tippets when i don't remember putting them there??


Have you heard the terms tracking, creep, tailing loop, drifting, casting arch, straight line, path of the rod tip......but never understood what they meant......well at Yorkshire flycasting we can give you all the answers,

book some time on the river with me and enjoy learning these things.


I could talk you through line choice, what's a long belly line, shooting head or a Skagit!  Triangle taper or a weight forward.....where and when to use them.


learn why you would never do a single Spey or snake roll cast with a Skagit line??


What is line management?  and how you do it? we can go through this and much more at Yorkshire Flycasting.



I could go on and on ......there is so much, but one thing i do know is you never stop learning and with Flyfishing

 and its great fun to learn too.....




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