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Casting lessons


These are different to a fishing lesson as they basically concentrate on the technique of the cast you make and how to improve it, making your fishing easier and more enjoyable.


its important to be able to cast, getting the fly on the water!


Its not difficult if you start out with good instruction and of course practice.

I am qualified through AAPGAI to teach both single handed and double handed disciplines, overhead casting and Speycasting.

More experienced casters can benefit from a casting lesson to improve their style, become more efficient, achieve a little more distance, how to cast when there is not much room behind, and also how to cast in windy conditions .

Learn how to roll cast, single and double Spey, snake roll, snap C, snap T, with both single and double handed rods.


Learn about rods and lines, for both disciplines, what's a shooting head line?

what's along belly line?

, what's a skajit line? and what's a triangle taper?  all theses can be explained   



Book for about two hours ideally...


or roll it into a days fishing as well


contact me for details through the contact box







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