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Health and Safety.


                                               While fly fishing please at all times consider yours and others safety.


                                               Below are a few pointers to keep you safe and have an enjoyable day.


  • when approaching the water please abide by the country code and respect the land and animals around you, follow proper footpaths and approved access. always close gates behind you and please take your litter home.


  • when approaching other fishermen do not walk behind them without first alerting them as you may get caught in a back cast.


  • Always wear a peaked hat and eye protection for your own safety as hooks are very sharp and can easily penetrate the skin. and also wear insect repellent.


  • Be aware of diseases around the country side like lymes disease and  Wiels disease, try to keep your hands clean especially if eating while out fly fishing.


  • If wading take great care and use a wading stick to test the water bottom and depth of the river in unfamiliar areas.

  • Always wear a life jacket.


  • If using a guide always inform him/her of any possible health issues before the day starts, this will make your day more enjoyable and safe.  








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